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Funhouse is a program to create fake funny photos
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Funhouse is a program to create fake funny photos.
It´s the computerized version of the classic photo boards, where you put your head through a hole in a carton board, painted with a funny scene.

With this program, you can cut a face in a photo and paste it onto one of the templates. The person in the photo will then appear as a cowboy, a viking, an aviator or as former US President Lincoln.

You´ll have to select one of the templates, then select your desired photo to use the face in it, and then fine-tune your collage to make it as real as possible.

Then, you can add some funny text using a variety of fonts, sizes, colors, effects and layouts. You can then place that text wherever you want it in the photo.

You can then preview how will the result look when you print it.

If you´re satisfied with it, you can print it, save it or send it through email. If you´re not, you can start over from the scratch, and do it again.

When you send the result through email, the program will ask you if you want to send it through AOL email or MAPI email, and then will open the right program to do it. It will attach the file as "MyPhoto.jpg".

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s easy to use, you will have no trouble using it


  • It´s designed to do quick jokes, the results are very far of looking like a professional work
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